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Open Source Website Builder

Having my own business has definitely caused me a lot of expenses, from the buying of goods abroad to shipping, and of course, maintaining a website. Today, if you do not have a website or any online presence, you are missing a lot of things. You might even be missing sales! There is an open source website builder called Wordpress where you can create a free account and you do not need to be a technical expert to create one. If you are planning to get a real website soon, or when you have finally earned the money to pay for one such as hiring an affiliate website builder, for now, using a free Wordpress account is a good place to learn and practice. If you are just after having a good site where you can write your raves and rants in life, Wordpress is a very good blogging tool as well.

Wordpress charges $17 to $24 annually for a custom domain name. If you need more space for your content, you will have to pay more for extra storage. The amount they charge is above $20. It really depends on what you need but I can assure you that using Wordpress is worth your money (if you are paying). You can also use Wordpress for video hosting if you are willing to pay $60 annually. It supports both low to high resolution vidoes. Wordpress has almost everything that you need – from galleries to newsfeeds and videos. That's why Wordpress is a hot item for bloggers and businesses all over the world.





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